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Anything but Amazing…

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Unfortunately, Amazing Heating & Air Conditioning is anything but what their name purports to be. A job that was supposed to take ten days to complete took more than four months with a laundry list of challenges every step of the way. Here’s a recap of several of the issues. – Job anticipated to take 10 days took approximately four months to complete. – The new registers/vents installed in three rooms are different sizes than the existing registers/vents. (We were adding.) As a result, three rooms have vents that do not match and cannot be fixed. (Long and skinny & short and wide.) – A register/vent in one room was cut in the hardwood floor crooked. – A register/vent in one room was cut too small so the register cover would not fit. – Despite a contract to replace all existing supply ducts and registers (except in one location of the house), they reused parts of the old duct system they were contracted to replace in areas that are difficult to notice. – They failed to vacuum out the registers/ducts after they were installed. (Looking inside through the vent covers you can see dirt and debris.) – The register/vent in one room was not fully taped, so air can escape in to the subfloor. – They used a new chair as a step stool, staining the seat fabric. While they indicated they would clean it, they have not. – They did not deliver space heaters in a timely manner as promised. As a result, the house was left without heat in November for a month. – The use of space heaters, after they were eventually delivered, caused an increase of $600+ electricity bill. – We also paid ~$75 for a space heater (and was not reimbursed) that we could move around the house while waiting for the space heaters they promised. – They rarely updated when the company would arrive and would show up sporadically over four months, often only coming for a few hours at a time. – They missed several on-site appointments when they did indicate they would come, often without explanation. – They chipped the wood floor around a register/vent in one room, and did not inform us of the mistake. They did not fix the error. – They failed to clean dust in the bathroom after cutting through tile (leaving grout dust everywhere). – They did not repair a piece of grout in the bathroom floor tile after register install, and did not let us know there a hole that needed to be repaired. – Did not provide registers/vent cover until pointed out (which were contracted for), then provided registers of extremely low quality. To open or close the, you need to pull the registers/vent cover out of the floor. – Did not finish the ceiling register until pointed out. Insulation wrap was left to hang. – Within weeks of insulation/tape was falling off in numerous areas and needed to be repaired. – Cut through a wall between rooms to run duct in the wrong location in the basement, and did not repair the mistaken cut. – Did not follow plans and connected register to the wrong location. – Trucks drove on grass adjacent to the driveway and did not repair tire marks – While the staff on site was always courteous and friendly, sales rep was rude and insulting when issues were raised. There’s more… but the above should give you an indication of the work. I’d suggest finding another vendor.

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