LocalSpark® is a human-edited business directory that improves business’ online visibility and allows them to showcase their capabilities.

Access is everything. Your ability to reach the services you need and the clients you want to target is integral to the success of your enterprise. LocalSpark® places both within easy reach.

LocalSpark® is a human-edited free online directory that helps businesses connect with consumers.

It’s our goal to connect consumers with the best service providers in their area.

Our team is comprised of a mix of industry professionals that understand how important it is to connect the best to the best. We care about your success and your accessibility. We’re here for you, and communication and transparency are our priorities.

The way information is accessed changes daily, and it’s crucial to maintain reliable and supported information that can be trusted and accessed instantly. Our goal is to connect businesses and entrepreneurs to local, dependable service providers that have a proven track record of excellence. It’s also just as important that those service providers also have the same accessibility to reach the businesses that need their services the most.

LocalSpark® launched in 2019, and we’ve created the new standard in accessibility between businesses and service providers. We place the most relevant and needed information directly in front of you so that you can make the correct decisions with confidence, when you need to.

When you’re ready, our team wants to help you connect with the people you want to connect with (and vice-versa). Access is everything, and LocalSpark® places you exactly where you need to be. Let’s work together. Let’s talk. Let’s connect.


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Why a ‘human-edited directory’?

A human-edited directory offers better insight into quality businesses. Human-edited is different from a normal submission process in that we do not let just anyone list in our directory. The process of submitting is easy, (you submit your listing just like any other directory), but you also have to be manually approved by our team once we review your overall quality. There is no automated process by which a business can list.

Why a Human-Edited Directory is Better

  1. Manual, vetted selection process.
  2. Allows us to show only the best of any particular category.
  3. Easier/faster for users to connect with the best businesses.
  4. Impossible to list spam or poor quality directory entries.

We want to show only the best companies in any particular category, whether that is a marketing agency or a law firm. If your company has a lousy track record online, bad reviews across the web, or offers users a poor user experience, you will not be allowed to list your business in LocalSpark®. That is one of the primary reasons when we create a “Best of” list; you can rest assured it is just that. All submissions are vetted within 24 hours of being submitted, and only the best make it through to our lists.