Email Campaigns

Marketing Consulting and Management

A crucial and profitable online marketing strategy is email. We all get them and most are unread and archived. However, with the right campaign in place, emails can become your number one source of website traffic and conversions.

One key component of a successful email campaign is getting permission; few people convert when it comes to random spam in terms of at-home physical mail and emails. It’s important to give potential customers a reason to provide an email address. Is it to receive updates about new products? Roundups of industry news? Offers and coupons? A beta key? When someone trusts your business’ emails and doesn’t send them directly to a spam folder, we can create campaigns that specifically target their needs based on how they provided their email in the first place. This allows your company to directly send (and monitor how it’s interacted with) information to email contacts. Press releases, sales, and events can be sent as email blasts which tend to have higher conversion rates than any other online marketing strategy.

LocalSpark compounds email marketing with our other services. This includes local search marketing, web design, social media, and on-site analytics that allow us to maximize your online exposure. A strong email campaign is a cornerstone for Internet advertising. Our marketing and content experts can help you build a strategy that contributes to higher ROI, more web traffic, and more social media followers. Our goal is to exceed your own.